Dr. Hans wrote an e-book which is available on Amazon:


This is a story within a story… the first is of one man’s journey through life… his perceptions, experiences and relationships with those he came into contact with. This man is Hans Dreyer.

The second ‘story’ is Hans’ fascinating perspective on mental and spiritual wellness of people around the world… based on his personal experiences.

The first story… Hans’ life story, invites me as a reader to be a witness to this really intimate account of his ‘moments’; his emotions; his experiences. It also alerts me to the fact that one needs to take a long, hard, serious look at mental and spiritual health in the world.
I’ve known Hans for many years – both as a friend and as a professional colleague. His in-depth knowledge of Depression and Bipolar Disorder is steeped in years of personal experience and much research. The reader can rest in the knowledge that this professional and personal account is credible, positive and intended to touch them with some wonderful, victorious insights about Bipolar Disorder and

In the words of Parker Palmer: “Depression is the snake pit of the soul; the dark side of the moon…”. My best wishes accompany this book. May these two intertwined stories inspire you, the reader, to spiritual health and a meaningful life.

May the information herein give you direction, helping you through the difficult times and give you access to the answers and happiness that Hans himself has experienced.

Gert van der Westhuyzen