The importance of medication in the treatment of depression

To over simplify the whole chemical problem around depression would be to say that there is a huge shortage of certain molecules in the depressed persons system.

Serotonin molecules would be used as an example in this explanation.

There are at present three specific molecules being targeted by different types of anti-depressants e.g. Serotonin Noradrenalin and Dopamine. Some anti depressants target only Serotonin while newer anti-depressants also target the Noradrenalin and the latest category target both the above as well as Dopamine. These different molecules are used to transmit the impulses along the nervous system. When there are to little of these molecules a message can not be transmitted in time and the whole system goes into an “alert mode”. This “alert mode” causes it”s own problems that will be discussed later on.

Anti-depressant inhibit the “re-uptake” or loss of a specific molecule from the nervous system. Gradually as these levels becomes higher the depression lifts and the functioning becomes better as well.

In normal circumstances it takes from 10-14 days to get any improvement since there are non of these molecules added to the system; the loss of existing molecules are only being prevented.

Anti depressants are non adictive.

The danger of suicide increases during the initial few weeks of treatment since the lethargy becomes better and patients are more capable of doing things they have been thinking about for quite a while but they felt to bad and to letahrgic to implement these thoughts into actions.

This danger however subsisdes as the depression becomes better and better.

Here are some links for more information on well known Anti-depressants:

I was functioning well on my prescribed dose of Cymbalta, for almost six months. One morning I woke up and asked my wife: “do you love me?” Actually it was a stupid question since we are very happily married for 28 years.

I could not help myself because this question kept coming back to me. I just needed to ask my wife the same question for a third and even a fourth time. Then I heard myself telling her “you should leave me and find somebody worthy of your love and dedication, I am not worthy of you.”
I could not believe that anybody can love me, neither my wife nor my children.

I have tried all the different techniques I was taught to get out of the back sliding process, all to no avail.
After weeks of suffering and going deeper and deeper into this hole of worthlessness my Psychiatrist increased my dosage of Cymbalta. Within a few days I felt better and realized that my feelings of worthlessness was actually a symptom of my depression getting worse although I was taking my medication every day.
I call these my “Red Flags” and recognize the symptoms of a worsening depression the moment when I start asking this kind of questions.
I will then immediately increase the dose and within 24 hours I will be out of the pit.

Is there anybody else with this kind of experience?

How do you handle it?

How successful is your way of handling it?

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